Estimated cost is $21.9 million.

Through a combination of state and federal funds.

The project is expected to last through late 2021, but construction will be suspended during the winter (November 2020-March 2021) because of anticipated weather conditions.


Some of the work will occur at night. However, since the project is located close to hotels, restaurants and businesses, overnight work would be very disruptive. Also, the barricading required cannot be picked up and put down on a daily basis. Finally, nighttime work is less productive. It could take almost twice as long, so the public might be inconvenienced for as long as three and a half to four years instead of the anticipated time.

We will work with the Northern Regional Transit District by notifying them in advance when bus stops need to be relocated and will coordinate with them on relocating the bus stops to safe, alternative locations outside the construction zone.

The new curb and gutter will be able to handle the snow load. The New Mexico Department of Transportation prioritizes plowing streets when there is snow, and it does get pushed to sidewalks. We hope the business owners and residents will remove the snow from their sidewalks when that happens, but will go back and remove snow when we have the time and resources to do so.

No, this project does not include any one-way pairs.

This project includes new storm drainage pipelines and is extending concrete box culverts to accommodate extended roadway width. It also includes four new bioswales, which concentrate and convey stormwater runoff while removing debris and pollution. The bioswales will be planted with a mixture of plants, shrubs and trees which create an attractive landscape while safely maximizing the time water spends in the swale to help collect and remove pollutants, silt and debris. Two of the bioswales are located at the southern end of the project on either side of NM 68/Paseo del Pueblo Sur near Cervantes Street and La Posta Road.  Another bioswale is located in the existing alignment near Los Pandos and the fourth bioswale is located near the entrance to Taos Pueblo.

Yes, we are coordinating closely with the Town of Taos and Taos Pueblo. In fact, crews will not be working on designated holidays, feast days and for major special events such as Taos Pride and the Big Barn Dance Festival.

We will work with the police departments and first responders to make sure access is available and they are notified about construction. As on any other construction project, the contractor’s traffic control personnel will use flagging operations as needed to let emergency vehicles pass through the construction zone.  

We will maintain access to all businesses at all times during construction and will keep them up to date on construction as well as provide information they can share with their customers.

Yes, but depending on construction activities, they may only be able to exit one direction (north/south) and may have to circle back depending on the direction they are traveling.

Yes, you will receive advance notification of water shutoffs, and the Fire Department will be notified of any fire hydrants that have to be taken out of service during construction.

Most issues have been settled, but there are still some issues in court. These will not delay construction; the NMDOT and the Contractor have the right to enter and will continue with construction.